The Dog Beach at Belmont Harbor – A Hidden Dog Oasis

dog in water at dog beach

Archie enjoys the sunset at Belmont Harbor

I love taking my dog and any dogs I am doing overnight care for on adventures. Seeing dog smiles and watching their excitement as they make new discoveries, explore smells and sights, play in new areas and generally have a great time being curious creatures makes me happy. My dog and I are now regulars at Montrose Dog Beach, but we had never visited the other dog beaches in Chicago.

We recently checked out the Dog Beach at Belmont Harbor and are pleased to report we had a wonderful time at this semi-hidden dog spot. This dog beach is part of Lincoln Park and is located east of Lake Shore Drive at the north end of Belmont Harbor.

We went there on a weekday evening, around dusk and there were only a handful of dogs playing there. After about 30 minutes we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves and the dogs made full use of the space. This is not a big beach and really is tiny compared to Montrose, but it’s a great change of pace and definitely has enough space for maybe 15 dogs to run free and play up and down the sand.

The beach is in the harbor, hence the name, and there are no waves washing ashore. The water seemed to be deeper there as well so if you have a little dog or a dog who doesn’t like swimming, best to keep a close watch on them as they romp. My dog enjoyed watching the ducks land on the water, but quickly realized the sand drops off and the water gets deeper so she didn’t venture out into the lake like she does at Montrose Dog Beach.

I really enjoyed being there at dusk, watching the sun set, having some peace and quiet in the city and watching the boats gently rock in the harbor. To get to this dog beach you have to walk through the park and into the harbor. That was also a peaceful and serene walk with the dogs and they enjoyed romping through the grass before we made our way to the beach.

Overall, the Dog Beach at Belmont Harbor is a wonderful spot for the dogs to play and enjoy the water, sand and open space. Keep in mind it is small and I would highly recommend going on a weekday night and enjoying the quiet and change of pace from the normally busy Montrose Dog Beach. This one is a little harder to find, but once you put it on your dog-list, I guarantee you will want to return.

You can read YELP reviews of the Dog Beach at Belmont Harbor. Some of the criticisms I saw dealt with the size of the beach, pollution from the boats, unfriendly owners and the cleanliness of the beach. My experience there was 5 stars all the way.


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