How We Show Our Pups Some Love!

dog kissing her dog walker

Tracker shows me some love!

Dog people are known for being pretty lovey-dovey toward dogs, doling out affection and welcoming big, slobbery kisses. We are no exception and as the years have gone by, I’m willing to say we’ve become even more, I hesitate to use this word, but, ridiculous, when it comes to letting dogs love on us! We seldom turn down a lick in the face!

So, this past Valentine’s Day we wanted to give back and show our pups some love and treat them to a special night of dog walks, homemade treats, a doggie massage and some one-on-one TLC and playtime. We offered all of our clients a special Puppy Love package that included all of these extras so as they were out for the evening, celebrating Valentine’s Day with their significant others, we were making sure the dogs didn’t feel left out.

boston terrier plays with rubber bone

Paulie getting in a good game of tug!

We had a great, albeit very cold night of dog walking and play time here in Chicago. The dogs were so happy to see us and we made sure to spend some QT with them indoors, romping, tugging, fetching, chasing, massaging and generally just loving on them. That’s one of the highlights of being a dog walker – the love the dogs give to us and the positive energy they are so generous with.

We hope to continue offering special events and holiday packages. Either way, we’re going to keep on being ridiculous and letting the dogs we love give it right back to us!


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