An Interview With A Super Dog Walking Client

pomeranian dog with woman

Pom Pom and Dana on a sunny day.

A big part of our company philosophy and culture is open, honest communication. We consider quality communication to be a key part of our circle of relationships made up of: the dogs, the clients, the walkers and the management. If all are communicating openly, the circle is smooth, even and healthy.

For today’s posting, I wanted to go directly to that circle and interview one of our clients. We place a high value on feedback and when we hear our clients are pleased with our work, it is a great morale booster for us. Here’s what Liz V., Pom Pom’s mom, had to say in our interview.

Could you introduce Pom Pom to our blog readers?
Pom Pom is a 6 year old Pomeranian that I’ve had since he was able to come home from the breeders. I set out to get a black pom, but when I went to meet the one I thought I wanted, Pom Pom kept coming up to me and hopping on my lap. At that point I knew he was the one for me. 
What do you love about dogs and what do you love about Pom Pom? 
I think the most special thing about a dog is the companionship they provide their owner. PPV is always there no matter what and he’s the most lovable little dog with his very own personality.
About how long have you trusted Super Dog Walking to care for Pom Pom and do you remember why you initially chose us?
I have been with Super Dog Walking for 5 years. A girl who lived down the street from me who also had a Pomeranian was singing Dana’s praises and I had had bad experience after bad experience with dog walkers and doggy daycares. So, I called Dana and PPV and I went to her house and they got to know each other and I knew right away that I trusted Dana and her company with PPV. She was so kind, asked the right questions and understood why I was hesitant leaving him with anyone but me. One of the best decisions I’ve made.
What are some qualities you consider valuable in a dog walking company? 
Trustworthy, reliable, communicative and personable – all of those Super Dog Walking excels at. 
Do you feel we are different than other companies in any way? 
Absolutely. We wouldn’t use anyone else. Super Dog Walking is like a family and I know that PPV is always taken care. Dana and the team are so proactive about making sure dogs are taken care of at all times and that schedules are set..even when, like me, I forget to send in the monthly schedule. 
Is there anything you’d like to see us change or improve upon in the future? 
Honestly, no. I think you are running a wonderful company that truly cares about the well being of dogs and their parents. 
What advice would you give dog owners who have never used a dog walking company and who are searching for the right one?
I think meeting with the dog walker and Dana prior to making a decision is very important. It’s not easy to allow a stranger to come into your house every day.
Would you feel confident and comfortable recommending us to other dog owners? 
I refer you any chance I get and am always happy to do that!
Does Pom Pom ever tell you about any of the adventures we’ve had while on our walks? 
He doesn’t , but Andrew leaves great notes so I can envision their adventures!
Thanks Liz and thanks Pom Pom. We appreciate you and are grateful to be able to care for Pom Pom. We hope this helps give some insight into the dog walking world and a bit about us and our company philosophy. You can read more about us at our website at: 

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