Walker Spotlight: “Smooth, Even Circles”

dog walker with dog

Dog Walker Patrick and his pal Benny.

Today I would like to put a spotlight on one of our walkers and write a bit about why we appreciate him as a walker and as an individual. Anyone who has worked with dogs knows there are certain folks who are just “dog people” or perhaps “dog friendly.” Dogs can sense that innate quality and they return that energy with affection, trust and respect. Being a dog friendly person is a given if you are going to be walking dogs every day, but there are additional qualities that make for an excellent dog walker. Our walker Patrick Driscoll brings those qualities to work with him every day and for that we would like to run down what makes Patrick a superb walker and a valuable addition to our team.

Patrick started with us in the spring of 2013. He had previous experience working with dogs and he put that experience to good use with us. Since he has started he has been incredibly consistent, reliable and responsible. I cannot emphasize enough how important that is for us and to the dogs he is working with. Dogs appreciate consistency and responsible energy and Patrick has continually brought that with him every day. Being responsible usually translates into a calm, reliable persona and the dogs can sense that in Patrick and they give back to him what he gives to them. Patrick is not overly demonstrative when he greets his dogs, but that is not his style and the dogs respond well to his calm, collected, consistent style.

We put a high value on trust and open communication and we have no doubts about Patrick when he is out on his own, caring for our clients’ dogs. Trusting Patrick to be open and honest with us and the clients he serves, allows us to put more focus on maintaining quality, improving our existing services and communicating with clients. Patrick always communicates with us in a timely, efficient way. This is something we greatly appreciate. Open, timely communication makes our lives better and makes the circle we are working within that much smoother.

The circle I am speaking of is: the client, the dog, the walker and us, the team leaders. Each point on this circle is equally important and when all are communicating openly the circle is smooth. Patrick has mastered open and honest communication and consistently makes smooth, even circles.

Now, a little about him as an individual–He was born in Minnesota and moved to Chicago about a decade ago to continue his pursuit of the arts and music. He is a trained drummer and works with a variety of bands, mainly working as the time keeper for a James Brown style, nine piece, funk and soul outfit. When he’s not laying down funky grooves, he is pursuing his more esoteric musical styles in an electronic band he co-fronts with his girlfriend. Patrick is passionate about music, dogs and being creative.

So, in conclusion, Patrick, we salute you for being a valued addition to the Super Dog Walking team. We’re so happy you are with us and I know the dogs appreciate your presence and energy. Keep up the great work and keep on being Patrick!

If you would like to learn more about all of our excellent walkers and how we work to keep them walking in a healthy, supportive environment, visit our walkers page on our main website.



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