How Does Super Dog Walking Maintain Quality?

<img src="ramos-super-dog-walking.jpg" alt="Dog Working Out" />Fit dogs are happy dogs. Just like people, dogs love to be active, stimulated and discover and explore new environments, smells and trails. For the most part, they enjoy meeting new dogs and making friends with the dogs they sometimes walk with and see around their neighborhoods. That being said, establishing a healthy routine is part of their overall well-being. Constant newness is probably not the best way to create a balanced, healthy pooch. As Super Dog Walking has grown we’ve learned and educated ourselves about maintaining quality and helping the dogs we work with to be happy, fit dogs.

One of our secrets to success, as simple and obvious at is may be, is communication. We value and practice open channels of communication. We encourage feedback, critiques, questions and dialogue because that helps create healthy, positively evolving environments for us and our dogs to work in. We’ve made a point to welcome our walkers into the fold and allow them to have a strong voice in creating the environments that work best for them and the dogs they walk. We do not micromanage them, but we do talk with them and invite them to attend activities and events with us. In short, we treat them like family because their health and happiness is a key part of our service.

Another secret to creating happy dogs is being proactive. For example, a dog may be displaying some traits of frustration or boredom, like chewing, urinating inside, being destructive and so on. We communicate with what we consider to be the whole team: us, the walker, the dog and the owners. We do not ignore signs of dissatisfaction or stress. We try to address potential problems proactively by communicating and then changing what is working and what is not during our visits. We are not satisfied with simply leashing a dog up and then bringing the dog back inside after the time is up. We are striving for QUALITY.

One of our clients wrote a YELP review we are very proud of because we believe it reflects our commitment to quality, communication and proactive risk management.

Lastly, but certainly not comprehensively, another component we use to make happy dogs, is continuing education. There are several trade organizations that help educate pet sitters and help us raise our professional bar as we evolve and grow. We’ve found that membership in the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) is an excellent resource for continuing education. Belonging to these groups allows us to interact with experienced pet sitting professionals and gain valuable insight into best and current practices.

We hope to continually evolve and improve our services and keep our eyes and ears open to all those we serve and work alongside. If you have any ideas, contributions or resources we should be aware of, throw us a bone and let us know.


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