Is Pet CPR and First Aid a Key Skill for Dog Walkers?

dog Pet CPR Pet first aid

Chicago, IL.-This is a question the team at Super Dog Walking has been asking for some time now. Do we really need to know pet CPR and some basic pet first aid techniques in order to be competent, safe and professional dog walkers? Some would say absolutely YES and some would say, the odds are so slim you’ll ever need those skills, so why bother? For us, the answer is yes, we do need those skills because we are guided by a philosophy we have embraced and put into daily practice on our walks and our over night care visits.


We practice Proactive Risk Management. That means, if we are being true to that guiding principle, then yes, we must learn pet CPR and first aid. The worst thing a dog walker can do is be REACTIVE. Using proactive risk management means anticipating and being prepared for potential risks and pitfalls. You would be amazed at what can occur on a 30 minute dog walk in the city of Chicago, especially in a busy neighborhood with lots of people, cars and dogs. A delivery truck parked in an alley starts its engine, a kid on a skateboard zips past, a dog charges down the front steps and snarls and snaps at the gate, the list of quick, startling and potential threatening stimuli is never ending.

Practicing proactive risk management means being aware of these risks and knowing how to proactively lessen their impact if they do occur. And they will occur, no doubt about that. Being proactive and prepared on the walks reduces stress for the dogs, the walkers and creates a barrier of safety that is essential for providing a professional, secure and quality walk. So, using that philosophy to make decisions, then Super Dog Walking absolutely needs to include pet CPR and first aid into our tool bag.

If you are interested in learning pet CPR and first aid: SAT. APR. 19 – Pet First Aid and CPR Class 9AM-12PM
Pre-registration is required. Class sizes are limited. Click below to register. For more information call (312) 644-8338 ext. 344 or e-mail The $50 course fee must be made prior to the class date. All classes will be held in The Anti-Cruelty Society Education and Training Center located at 169 W. Grand Avenue. Free parking is available in The Anti-Cruelty Society parking garage. Enter from Wells Street (just south of Grand)

Visit our EVENTS calendar on the Super Dog Walking website to learn about many upcoming dog-related activities, classes and events throughout Chicago.



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