Is Winter Finally Over? Please Be Over

Great Dane in winter in the Ukrainian Village in Chicago.

Willow stares down the Chicago winter of 2013/14.

This winter was one for the books, literally. Super Dog Walking’s walkers and dogs were challenged by the seemingly never ending barrage of snow, ice, sleet, soot, salt, water and general winter chaos factor. We learned that Paws booties do indeed work well and are necessary for most dogs to navigate through the salt and ice of Chicago’s winter sidewalks.

I have to say I am proud of our team for braving this brutal winter, facing down the polar vortex days. We had strategy sessions on the best way to care for our dogs during those sub zero days. We delivered coffee and hand warmers to our walkers on those days. We kept the walks short and the dogs’ safety at the forefront and WE MADE IT THROUGH!! We will eventually look back on the Chicago winter of 2014 and laugh about it, but we’re not quite there yet. As I walked dogs through Bucktown today, I heard birds chirping and saw squirrels moving about. That’s a good sign. Fingers and paws crossed that winter is officially gone for good and spring is really around the corner. I will not miss winter, but we all learned to respect it.


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