Chicago Project Rescue’s Freezin’ For A Reason A Success!

We’re so happy we were able to participate in this year’s Freezin’ For A Reason event. Project Rescue Chicago organized and hosted the event and did an amazing job of raising funds to help find homes for Chicago’s homeless dogs. Their goal was to raise $30,000 by January 11th, 2014. They raised a whopping $38,000! Team Super Dog Walking was joined by 11 other team, I would say well over 100 people to plunge into Lake Michigan, for the culmination of their fund raising efforts.

Yes it was cold, yes it was freezing, yes I screamed like a baby Chihuahua, but it was well worth it. The sense of community was palpable and we all knew it was for a worthy, noble cause. We made some new friends and were able to have some quality time with our team after the event. All of the teams traveled from Foster Avenue Beach to The Fireside Inn on Ravenswood. They had a cozy set up in the back of the pub with food, heat lamps, Blue Moon beer and Irish coffee to warm our shivering bones. I’m so proud of Team Super Dog Walking. We raised well over 100% of our goal and came to the event with positive attitudes and adventurous spirits.

We proudly and enthusiastically endorse this event and will be participating again next year without a doubt. If you haven’t jumped into Lake Michigan in January, I highly recommend crossing it off your bucket list and raising money for dogs while you’re at it. It’s a win/win for everyone!!

Walker Mike with Dana.

Mike and Dana participate in Project Rescue Chicago’s Freezin’ For A Reason event.


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