Project Rescue Chicago Freezin’ For A Reason Polar Plunge

We’re happy to report we’ll be checking off JUMPING INTO LAKE MICHIGAN IN JANUARY off our life list this Saturday January 11th, 2014 at 11AM. Team Super Dog Walking will be participating in this year’s Freezin’ For A Reason event organized by the wonderful Project Rescue Chicago.

We’ll be joining 12 other teams to plunge into the frigid waters of Lake Michigan, all the way in, in an effort to raise awareness and money for Chicago’s homeless dogs. They raised $30,000 last year and as of Tuesday January 7, they (we are) about $8,500 shy of that goal. I know we can do it as we’ve had donations for Team Super Dog Walking come in today and we’ve had more pledging donations later this week!

The mission of Project Rescue Chicago is clear, simple and noble. This is taken from the Freezin’ For A Reason Information Page:

We believe all dogs, no matter their breed or background, deserve the chance to live as pets. At PRC, we have made it our mission to prepare our rescue dogs for this opportunity through socialization with dogs and people, an introduction to good manners and basic obedience, and proper vet care. In addition, we feel it is just as important to empower our adopters with the tools necessary to continue what we have begun and strive to remain a resource to them for years to come.

So with that mentality in mind, we’re joining them to jump face first into Lake Michigan! Maybe not face first, but we’re doing it, that’s what counts! Yeah we’re a scrappy band of misfit, mutts if you like, but we’re a team. Our members included Super Dog Walking’s walkers Justin Jahnke and Mike Johnson. Artist, dog owner and creative force Maria Zamora and myself, Dana  Palmer. We’ll be in various states of dress. Justin claims he’ll be in a shark suit and Mike claims he’ll be wearing a lion suit. All of this fun and joy leads to one important goal: To help Chicago’s homeless pets. They need us and Project Rescue Chicago is at the helm of this wonderful and worthy cause.

Join us Saturday January 11th at Foster Beach. We’ll be jumping at 10:45AM, so get there early. More details can be found here. We’ll be FREEZIN’ FOR A REASON and jumping to save Chicago’s homeless pets!!!

*A friendly reminder. No dogs or children are allowed at the event for safety reasons.


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